About mushroom

About mushrooms

Consumption of mushrooms as food has a long history, and for the last 3 - 4 century, certain types of edible mushrooms were grown in artificial conditions . Among the cultivated species of edible fungi most widely spread mushroom, which is now cultivated in many countries all over the globe . Intotal world production of mushrooms in excess of 1 million tons, mushrooms occupy 75 - 80% .

Mushroom cultivation does not require a significant investment . Mushrooms successfully grow on a substrate prepared from agricultural waste and processing industry . In the process of waste produced high yield high nutrientvalues . Agaricus crop yields throughout the year that will eliminate seasonality in obtaining products . A short cycle of growth and development allows a mushroom cultivation in each room from 4 to 6.5 Culture turnover per year, and the possibility of growing in containers - better use of the amount of space .

In order to increase food production and expansiontheir range in our country is building large complexes champignons . From their commissioning volumes of this valuable crop cultivation will increase significantly .

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