Vineyards after frost

On peculiarities of pruning and plant care

Sharp fluctuations in air temperature 0m positive values ​​to severe frosts in January adversely affected the vineyards . According to preliminary data, no shelter for the winter vineyards biggest death buds - the varieties that have moderate and low resistance to frost . ( Pearls Saba, Seiso, white Chasselas, MuscatHamburg, Ka-raburnu and others) . In a somewhat less affected varieties Riesling, Caber . non-Sauvignon, Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Aliquot . And in this group of varieties damage buds differently . For example, wine of the farm "Shabo" and "Danube" at Aligote it is lower than the farm "Khadzhibei" and "Stelnoy" .

To find out the status of annual vines on them in several places made longitudinal sections . In undamaged vines bast has a bright green color, with low damage it lightly browned, and with a strong - dark brown .

If damaged up to 70 percent of eyes, pruning is carried out in the usual way, and the load is increased in accordance with the degree of destruction of eyes . Longer pruning vines producewith inhomogeneous damaged buds, as well as damage to the bottom of their annual shoots . With the death of holes at the top of their shoots are cut shorter than usual . Final load on the bush is set during the wreckage of green shoots extra .

When complete destruction holes without damaging the tissues of annual and perennial vines of the bush should apply the same method of pruning, as in the case of damage to more than 80 percenteyelets, and the varieties cropped from the lower corner and kidney (Chasselas white . Aliquot, Riesling, etc. . ) well-developed shoots are available in last year's knots of substitution and fruit vines, should be cut short, leaving them 2 - 3 eye . evolved from the corner of the kidneys of these knots shoots in barely-FOLLOWS year will be used to createfruit loops .

Due to frost damage vineyards should be especially careful and timely perform the full range of agricultural methods to care for plants . Special attention - the proper tying vines to the trellis . For a uniform distributionvines in the space they need to be tied up in two tiers (to the bottom and second wires trellis) .

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