Growing fruit trees

Selection of planting material

With a small garden plot with an area of ​​only 600 m2, amateur gardeners want to get a lot of different fruits and berries as soon as possible after the development of the plot . Such high demands can be met only if properly selected breeds, varieties and planting material . As of planting material of interest or dwarfsemi-dwarf varieties . Due to their small size can be planted thicker than tall trees . Also, they have a period before fruiting . It should be remembered, however, that their low frost resistance .

Fig. 135 . The main parts of the fruit of the tree

Of course, every small tree produces a lower yield than a huge vigorous tree . However, the total harvest of dwarf trees occupying the space required for a vigorous tree, more . Dwarf and semi-dwarf trees closest to the ideal, which is looking for a gardenplot .

Fig. 136 . Example 9 planting dwarf apple trees on the place occupied by a vigorous apple tree: A - side view, B - top view

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