Seed industry

Technology greenhouse seed varieties and hybrids heterosis cucumber


Seed production of greenhouse cucumber hybrids - an important and responsible job. Hectare greenhouse provides seed seed 100 - 400 ha of greenhouse area of ​​commodity production . A small error in the seed can lead to significant shortfall in commercial greenhouses Pickles . Only the precise execution alltechnological methods provides a high-quality seed, high and stable yields of seed .

Cucumber is characterized by diversity of manifestations of sex . In seed zoned and passing the state test-sorghum hybrids have to deal with several types of manifestations of this feature .

Low light in the winter months, increased nighttime temperatures, long day, the impact on plant gibberellin (group plant hormones that regulate growth) (group of hormonesplant growth regulating) and silver nitrate enhance expression of the male, which is reflected in a reduction in the variety of plants of the female population share increase in the number and type of nodes and male plants mainly female type .

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