Among the perennial garden peonies one of the most durable crops . They can grow for many years at the same place, which makes them particularly valuable horticultural crops . So it is very important to choose the right location for their landing. Peonies prefer open sunny slopes protected from the prevailing winds and slightly shaded inmidday . In too shady place peonies bloom poorly or not at all in bloom . They do not tolerate close proximity to the roots of trees and grasses that should be considered when planning a permanent place for pions . Otherwise, the plants will have to replant (with the development of trees), since the roots of trees and grasses will take away from pions and food andmoisture . Peonies can not be planted near the house also. Walls, radiating heat, create an unfavorable climate for plants (dry, overheat) . In addition, the plant will suffer from dripping from the roof and from snow drifts near walls . Found also on some distance from the pion buildings, trees and shrubs are well protected from the wind thatespecially valuable for varieties with heavy double flowers . Peonies do not tolerate wet, swampy areas . With a high level of ground water or stagnant water a place to land should be well drained . Otherwise, the roots begin to rot, there are a variety of diseases and plants die for 1 - 2 years . In the lower parts of peoniesshould be planted on the high ridges, and in the number of pits and trenches to arrange drainage, deepened by 15 - 20 cm and fill that space with gravel, coarse sand and broken bricks .

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