Agrarian exchange is an open multilingual Internet platform for farmers, gardeners, farmers, entrepreneurs in agricultural activities. The site presents a large catalog describing varieties of vegetables, flowers, vines, fungi and agrochemicals. The catalog contains more than 10 thousand the description, which is daily updated, the most popularand popular varieties on the market throughout CIS.

Memo to seller

If you are the seller, you can register on the website and create your catalog of current products with prices and availability. To help you will be full set of necessary tools for sales and accounting of your goods and communicate with customers. You can get offers from suppliers and customers not only from his country but fromother countries who do not speak your language. Thanks to the multilingual website is now possible. When you create your directory and it is recommended to use an existing open directory description, which will significantly reduce the time of its formation. As well as all visitors to our website automatically become visitorsand your catalogue.

After registering on the website you will have a personal account in which there is a complete set of tools for placing of contacts and records of your products. What tools are included in the kit:
1. The where clause will be generated for your product catalog.
2. Section center post (correspondence with site visitors willing to buy your products)
3. Section order processing( with notifications to your email about new orders or messages from your clients)
4. Additional option - generation catalog price list XLS format
5. Perhaps on an individual basis to bind your site with a catalog item on our website that will give you automatic updates of prices and availability of goods.
5. Additional option - automatic renewal of displays of goods on the website.